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Wealth or Happiness? Both!

Wealth or Happiness? Both!

Better Yet, Empowerment and Fulfillment! You can have both happiness and wealth—living a rich (fulfilling) life and a wealthy life! The idiom that money can’t buy happiness is at best a poor representation of reality and, at worse, completely false. Money and...

The Destruction of Distraction

The Destruction of Distraction

The war is real.  There are forces at work 24 hours a day to steal your attention.  They are the enemy, and they are relentless.  They have planned and strategized to win the game.  They have done the science and spun their fiendish web to attack your...

How to Harness The First Superpower of Goal Achievement

There is a battle raging for your brain.  It is real, and you are in the middle of it, whether you realize it or not.  Most people are not aware of it.  Most people don’t realize the bombs are even going off.  They are not aware of the constant attack on your brain. ...

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